February 16-22, 2014 – St. George

We leave for St. George on Sunday, February 16. Since there is no reason to rush, we decide to stay over in Barstow, CA and complete the trip on Monday. We have fun having dinner at Chili’s at the bar while watching the Olympics.

Reaching St. George the next day, we go to the grocery store. Luckily, though, we had made some lentil soup and frozen it before we left last time so dinner is taken care of. The next few days are filled with puttering around the house and one afternoon of playing our limited mobility tennis.

On Thursday we have an off-road adventure going on the Joshua Tree Loop Road. Everything is so dry here much like at home. But we have a good time and get enough fodder for a Clark and Lewis adventure story. I have written two of these now and they contain pictures of what we have been doing.

Adventuring Again At Last

Off-Road Adventure

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