December 10, 2014 – John is just so hip

Today is John’s left hip replacement surgery. Having had his right one done in June, he is eager to complete his set. The surgery is scheduled for early in the morning and we and then I are staying at the Hampton Inn in Brentwood.

John’s surgery goes smoothly except for the spinal block which for some reason does not take effect. So unfortunately he has to have general anesthesia and the whole procedure takes a little longer. I am somewhat concerned as I sit and wait. It is taking longer than the doctor said it would. Finally his doctor appears and says that everything has gone well and explains about the anesthesia problem. I am relieved.

After what seems like forever in Recovery, John is taken to his room. He looks pale but is in pretty good spirits probably due to the abundance of painkillers in his system. He’ll have two nights in the hospital and then we will go home for rest and recovery.

John after his surgery
John after his surgery

Update: After almost 4 weeks John is doing well with his recovery. He can walk about unassisted although often brings his cane along for extra stability. Although I promised I would be nice during his recovery, I had some breaks in composure probably due to lack of sleep. I guess I am just not cut out for being a TLC nurse. My bad!

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