July 1, 2, 3, 2015 – The End

The last two days of the cruise include a trip to Cologne, Germany and then to Kinderdijk, Netherlands to see the windmills. My last last two days are basically spent in bed. John is so sweet ferrying food to the cabin and going out in Cologne to find cold medicine. But this is no ordinary cold, it is the wrath of all the bacteria and viruses concentrated on a cruise ship.

Our cabin attendant, Zita, is so sweet.  In between asking if I need to go to the hospital or should she call an ambulance, she makes whimisical towel animals to cheer me  up.

My towel elephant
My towel elephant

I stumble up on the deck the second day and take a picture of windmills.


The non-stop from Amsterdam to San Francisco is endless. I am so sick.

Turns out I have pneumonia and here it is two weeks later and I’ve taken all the medicine but I am still not totally better. I am hoping for a better plan of action when I visit the doctor today (7/16).

The cruise was fun. Being with Peg and Ted was great. John and I, though, are just not cut out for the tour group kind of travel. We want to see what we want to see and spend as much time as we like looking at it. We enjoy the adventure of being in a foreign place not in a little pod of transported U.S. shuffling along on a pre-determined itinerary. We like to try new foods. We enjoy talking to real local people.

Maybe my views are colored by the fact that I have gotten so sick. I think you stand a better chance of remaining healthy on vacation when you are not in the same accommodation with same people day after day.

For the first time in a long time I am not planning or looking forward to my next trip.

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