December 24-25, 2016 – Pilat Eve and Christmas

After making a lot of food and getting the house decorated we are ready for Pilat Eve and Christmas.  Some pictures from those days –

Our new expanding Xmas tree is up and decorated
Guests arrive and Jon and Rose fill their plates from our two tables of goodies
Sam and Nathan are so ready to open their presents
Jonathan opens a gift
A bottle of wine for Rose and John!
Sam and Nathan are happy with their gift!
Time to gather for the singing of carols
Sarah has picked out selections and we all follow the bouncing ball
Christmas morning with Sarah, John, and me is a much quieter affair

Of course on Christmas morning we have our traditional bagels and lox washed down with  our favorite beers, Schneider Weiss for. Sarah and me and Scheider Aventinus for John.

Picture of Christmas breakfast (12/25/15)

Later we head over for more festivity at Jonathan’s where he has prepared a fabulous dinner including a prime rib, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pies, and Indian pudding.

December 16, 2016 – Hookslide concert

This evening John and I go to hear Hookslide at the Backyard Coffee Co. in Redwood City.    The guys do a great job and sing two long sets.  The venue, however, is pretty grotty and I am hoping that this will be the only time they sing here.

Hookslide with Bud on lead
Hookslide with Bud on lead and Jon in center back
Mayan on lead and Jon in the back (as usual)
Mayank on lead and Jon in the back (as usual)


December 11, 2016 – Birthday celebration with Nathan, Sam, and Jonathan

On the Sunday after my birthday Jonathan, Nathan, and Sam come over for a little celebration.  In addition to having another coffee cake that Sarah has made, we play some fake tennis, and Sam marvels that I still have the pumpkin that he gave me for Halloween.

Sam and his "I love you" pumpkin
Sam and his “I love you” pumpkin
Nathan and Jon are ready for some fake tennis against John.  They win!
Nathan and Jon are ready for some fake tennis against John. They win!
Sam is the ball boy
Sam is the ball boy

December 8, 2016 – The Birthdays!

This year we have a smaller celebration than usual because George has torn his Achilles’ tendon and is still not terribly mobile even though he had the tear in August.

Happy Birthday, Mary and George!
Happy Birthday, Mary and George!

We meet for drinks at Karen and George’s house and have dinner at Piatti’s, a local favorite. Piatti’s has this olive oil, crushed pepper, and garlic dipping sauce that is so good.   Of course, after eating hours d’ouevres at their house and dipping quite a bit of bread, I am barely hungry for dinner. So I take at least half home.

Dinner at Piatti's
Dinner at Piatti’s

December 8, 2017 – Birthday morning

Today is my birthday and I start off the day with flowers, cards, and a fabulous present from John, an Apple iPad Pro with a keyboard! No more schlepping around my heavy computer when we travel! The screen is large and all my pictures look great on it.  In addition Sarah makes me a wonderful coffee cake which is just like the one we used to get from the Dugan man when I was a kid growing up. The Dugan man came to the door with his expandable case full of bakery goodies a couple of times a week.  I always loved it when we would get the coffee cake with nuts and almond paste.

Thank you so much, John and Sarah!

Coffee cake
Coffee cake