January 28, 2017 – Jonathan turns 40!

There is no way that I can be the mother of someone who is 40 but I guess it just happened while I was not looking. The whole family went out to the Fish Market in Palo Alto. I got to sit next to the birthday boy. I forgot to take pictures but here’s one that I posted on Facebook on the day. It is from when he was 10 months old. He looks a little concerned!

Jonathan at 10 months old


January 13-24, 2017 – A visit to St. George in the winter

John and I decided to get away from all the rain in California by going to Utah where mostly it rained and was cold. Oh well, it was a nice break and we met with our contractor to work out the details of the bathroom renovation.  Mostly, though, we stayed inside and cooked, or did puzzles, although we did manage to play tennis on a couple of days when the temperature got almost all the way to 50F.

Pictures are mostly of various dinners we made.

Here are a few more pictures which are mostly not about food.

Not food, just a picture of the kitchen
Sarah and her friends at the Women’s March in Oakland. I found out too late that there was one in St. George
Artsy shot of chicken and rice curry with sand paintings
There was a lot of snow in the mountains but none made it to the ground in SG

January 11, 2017 – Sam is eight!?

Today is Sam’s birthday! Since he will be having a large children’s party on the Saturday after his birthday and we will be in St. George, Sarah, John and I go over to Palo Alto for a special family party with gifts, cake, and pizza! The biggest present hit is an ant farm given to him by his Auntie Leigh. We have brought some gifts and cards along with the dinner and cake. Happy Eighth Birthday, Sam!

Sam and his ant farm
Sam opening cards and presents
Sarah lighting candles
Happy Eighth Birthday, Sam!

January 8, 2017 – Hookslide concert

We are such loyal fans of Hookslide. Today they are singing at Thornton Junior High School in Fremont for the League of Volunteers.  We are among the youngest in the audience. They sing a variety of hard rocking songs and ballads. The crowd which is a little smaller than usual due to the rainy weather is appreciative. We, of course, think that they are great.

Hookslide singing
Hookslide singing off-mic