Mother’s Day – 5/14/17

Yay, it is Mother’s Day and the family is really on top of plans for a lovely day.! Of course most of our celebration involves food because that is how our family rolls. John, Sarah, and I drive over to Jon’s and the munching and reminiscing begins!

First, a family picture, it won’t be too much longer until Nathan is taller than I.


Sarah has made a bacon and cheese quiche and a Swedish tea ring. Both are delicious.

Swedish tea ring

I bring a bowl of fresh fruit and Jon makes chicken liver mousse and pimento cheese.

Fresh fruit and chicken liver mousse and pimento cheese in foreground

I get a gift of fruit tarts from Nathan and Sam that they made from a recipe in their Harry Potter Cookbook.

Fruit tarts by Nathan and Sam

I also get flowers that Sam has picked out and cards from everyone. It is a wonderful day.

Flowers that Sam picked out

Visit to St. George – 4/27-5/6/17

John and I travel to St. George to check up on our bathroom remodeling. Here are some pictures from our stay.

On the way down we stop in Santa Nella for lunch at In n Out Burger. Still cannot understand the appeal.

We stay over in Barstow because we get off to a late start. ┬áJohn has to wait until 11 AM to see if he has jury duty. Truthfully though, we rarely try to make the whole trip in one day anymore. If Jonathan is with us we do but having three drivers makes a big difference. We have a good time listening to podcasts as we drive. John’s favorite is the History of English. We learn a lot from it but it makes me sleepy.

When we get to St. George the sheetrock guys are working on the surface of the new bathroom wall. There still is a lot that needs doing.

New wall in the casita bathroom
Door is reversed and the pass through to the casita is looking more hallway-like
The stucture is in for the new floating vanity area

In addition we have a new front door and the house has been painted. We are really hoping that everything is complete before Jon, Nathan, and Sam arrive on June 2!

All the rain this winter has made our landscaping look wonderful. The roses are really working overtime with blooms.


Most of days are spent waiting around for workers to either show up or not show up. It is frustrating. We spend time watching the ducks on the pond, going to Harmon’s for supplies, and cooking. We only manage one tennis day, one lunch out, and one dinner at the Club.

John cooking burgers on the grill
Yum! Burgers and Texas caviar
Ma and Pa Duck defend their babies
Lunch out at JimmyJohn’s where we are berated by the staff and I spill an entire soda (stupid old people!)

Other dinners –

Meatless Day – Penne and Asparagus
Lamb chops, couscous, and broccoli
Meatless Day – Farro with squash, feta cheese, and arugula
Penne Bolognese
BBQ chicken with farro and chickpeas and cucumber-tomato salad

Before we know it, it is time to come home again. We will be back in a couple of weeks to get ready for the much anticipated visit with Jonathan, Nathan, and Sam!



Town Hall Meeting – 4/22/17

Today Sarah and I attend our Congressperson’s Town Hall. Eric Swalwell is our representative. There is a large crowd at Dublin High School. Most of the people there are Democrats, I think.

Rep. Swalwell starts out by relating his experiences growing up and how his parents sacrificed to make sure that he had a good education and could have a better life than they had. Then through a random draw he takes questions from the audience. He tries to insure that what he answers has policy content rather than political content. People ask a wide variety of questions from taxes to immigration to their frustration with government. At one point Rep. Swalwell takes a question from a Boy Scout who is trying to earn his Citizen Badge to become an Eagle Scout.

Rep. Eric Swalwell answers a Boy Scout’s question

It is reassuring to go to this meeting. After all the political posturing and anti-everything policies of the current administration, it is refreshing to hear from people who want to do positive things for the state and country. The crowd is mostly patient and respectful and there is very little yelling out of turn.

Rep. Eric Swallwell