June 2 – 11, 2017 – Nathan, Sam, and Jon visit St. George

Nathan and Sam have just finished up school the day before they arrive in St. George. John and I are really looking forward to their visit. They are flying to St. George airport which requires a change of planes in Salt Lake City. It is nice not to have to drive back and forth from St. George and Las Vegas.

Jon, Nathan, and Sam arrive in St. George

Jonathan and I go shopping. What’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is an important question with two growing boys. One night we have burgers, the next, some tacos.

Sam wonders, have you snuck some vegetables in here Beeba?
Tacos seem vegetable-free!
Mmmm, Jonathan, John and I like tacos too!

One hot afternoon we spend some time at the Dinosaur Tracks Museum and finish off with sundaes at Culver’s.

Nathan and Sam at the Dinosaur Tracks Museum
Sam is making origami animals and dinosaurs. Jonathan is enjoying the origami as well.

One of our big plans is to go to Bryce Canyon NP with a stop at Cedar Breaks NM.

Sam and Daddy at the overlook on UT 14 near Cedar Breaks NM
Nathan at the overlook

After the overlook we head to Cedar Breaks National Monument. The site is at over 10,000 feet and I know that I will not be hiking. John and Nathan in the other car miss the turn off so we wait for a while for them to arrive. In the meantime I buy Sam a thermometer and a compass which happen to be connected to a whistle. What was I thinking?! When Nathan arrives he wants one too. So now we have kids in both cars we whistles!

Sam looking at the hoodoos at Cedar Breaks NM
Nathan and Sam trying out their whistles

Around lunchtime we reach Bryce NP. After a quick lunch at the restaurant at Ruby’s Inn, we take the shuttle out to Bryce Point. The view is fabulous.

Jon, Nathan and Sam at Bryce Point
Nathan looking at the view
The view!

Jonathan, Nathan, and Sam go for a three mile hike in Bryce Canyon. John and I go for a nap.

We return home in time for the show Shrek:the Muscial at the Tuacahn Amphitheater. It is great fun seeing the show.  Eating frozen lemonade is part of the experience.

Nathan eating frozen lemonade before the show
Once it gets dark the stage will look more impressive

We spend three afternoons at the Sand Hollow Pool. It has a giant slide, a whirlpool, and a ropes course through an alligator infested pond.

The pool at Sand Hollow is a big attraction and we go three times during the visit
Sam conquers Pelican Pond and also the big slide!

We also go to the House of Jump two times. It is important to follow this activity up with a hot fudge sundae at Dairy Queen.

Another activity that fills our time are sessions at the Jump House

Our time together is almost over and we plan a little hiking in Zion NP. Instead of going with the rest of the tourists we take a hike on a little used trail and then go off trail to a slick rock area. Nathan and Sam mark the way with cairns so we will not get lost.

We go on an off-trail hike and Nathan and Sam mark the way with stone cairns (see they are holding stones)
Nathan on the sliprock
Nathan and Sam on the trail
See their tiny figures way up by the top of the slick rock pinnacles
John and I amuse ourselves while we wait for them to descend

Before we head over to Oscar’s for lunch we spend a little time at the Lava Point Overlook.

Lastly we go to Lava Point Overlook and see the canyon we have been in
Jon and Sam
Beeba and Zayde

All of a sudden it is Sunday and our visit is over. We take Jon, Nathan, and Sam to the airport and wish them goodbye and a safe journey home. I know they have had fun but they are looking forward to seeing Mom and Auntie again. The house seems pretty quiet Sunday night.

Sunday evening in our spookily quiet house

All that is left for John and me to do is to clean up and head home. We start the drive home on Monday and stop at Seven Magic Mountains on the way home. We had a wonderful visit and are already thinking of new things to do when they come next year.

Seven Magic Mountains just south of Las Vegas





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