August 14, 2017 – Turquoise Lake Louise

We get up early this morning because we have heard that if you are not at Lake Louise before 9 AM, you probably will not get a parking space. The Lake is about 45 minutes away so we leave shortly after 7AM.

Downtown Banff early in the morning
Departing Banff there are a lot of low clouds
The drive is lovely

I have a plan. I figure we should go directly to Lake Louise and see it first.  Everyone has heard of Lake Louise but how many people have heard of Moraine Lake. Turns out that Lake Moraine is on the back of one of the Canadian coins, I think. Plus it is Canada’s150th birthday and all their national parks are free and crowded. But first, Lake Louise which is named after the 4th child of Queen Victoria. The fabulous turquoise color comes from “rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the glaciers that overlook the lake.” Wikipedia

Lake Louise
John by Lake Louise
Mary by Lake Louise
Flowers by Lake Louise!

So far my plan has worked for avoiding crowds. Now we are heading to Moraine Lake. Ever since George showed us pictures of Moraine Lake I have looked forward to seeing it. What I had not planned on was the horde of people who were already there. The parking lot and street parking is full all the way to the point where you are no longer allowed to park on the street. We wander around the parking lot but there are no spaces. The sad picture is a tiny sliver of Lake Moraine taken from the parking lot. Many people in cars, RVs, and buses come and park and then go for extended hikes which makes it impossible for people, who can no longer hike great distances, without a place to park.

As close as I was going to get to Lake Moraine

We drive to a pullout as we travel back along the road to and from Lake Moraine for some memories of the misty mountains.

Misty mountains
More misty mountains

We still have five hours left to drive not counting the innumerable delays for road construction and lunch. Speaking of lunch, I had the worst lunch ever in Revelstoke. It consisted of a burnt-to-a-crisp hamburger and overcooked but soggy fries. It must be a sign that I need to stop eating these things. I thought it would be a safe order. I took no pictures.

As we finally approach Kamloops, BC the smoke is really thick. It is hard to see much of anything.

Kamloops is full of smoke from the nearby fires

We are staying at the Fairfield Inn and Suites which we have found to be the most consistent of the chain hotels. After some relaxing we go to dinner at Romeo’s Kitchen and Spirits. This is supposed to be run by the celebrity chef of Kamloops. He has appeared on Iron Chef and Chopped Canada. Once again John orders better than I do. I should just order whatever he is having.

My Penang Tofu Curry ( I substituted tofu for chicken)
John’s Laksa

Tomorrow we are going to Whistler, BC and hopefully out of all the smoke which makes me cough.

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