August 8, 2017 – O, Canada

This morning we are off to Canada! It’s not quite like going to a foreign country but it is still exciting. The ride up to the Canadian border is pretty boring. It is mostly endless miles of recently shorn wheat on a terrain-less landscape. Finally we come to the border crossing,.

Border crossing

Crossing the border always makes you feel a little nervous. But the guard asks a couple of questions after looking at our passports and we are on our way. First, though we have to get a picture of the welcome to Alberta sign as we have never been in this province before.

We are anticipating all the wild roses

On the way to Lethbridge where we’ll be spending the next two nights there are no wild roses. In fact, Alberta looks exactly like Montana. Sigh. Once in Lethbridge we go in search of lunch and decide on a Mediterrean place called Pita Pit. We have to get some Canadian money to pay the parking meter but John reports that all the Canadians at the bank were very nice and friendly (as you expect them to be.)

After lunch we check into our hotel and then go out for some sightseeing. First up is the Nikki Yuko Japanese Garden.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

This garden is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It is a lovely place full of gentle breezes, shade, the sound of running streams, and just, serenity.

Pond at Nikka Yuko garden
Pagoda in the garden

Leaving this garden we head to the Rose Garden commemorating those killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Yellow rose, my favorite
A delicate pink rose

Then, after stopping at the information office, we take the scenic drive along and into the Oldlman river valley. We plan on doing some of the sites here tomorrow. We take a short walk and see the High Bridge and a hay ride.

High bridge over the Oldman River canyon
Hayride in the valley

Now it is time for a little rest and then dinner. Across from our hotel is a brew pub so we try it and decide that we’ll go somewhere else tomorrow night.

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