Passover celebration 4/1/18

Since we just have gotten back from our Italy trip and there are engagement conflicts for the first two nights of Passover, we have our Seder on third night of Passover, April 1. I always enjoy preparing the food and getting the table ready.

Table setting

Jonathan and Ryan with the kids and Ryan’s sister arrive at 4 PM. The first order of business is some picture taking!

Seder crew
Beeba and Zayde with Nathan and Sam

Back in the house Nathan arranges the 10 plagues on the mantle while Sam directs the action by looking up the plagues on his laptop.

Nathan positioning the plagues with Ryan
Sammy directing the action from the computer

Now it is time to get down to serious Seder business.

Everyone at the table
Jonathan washing his hands while Nathan holds the bowl of water. Sam off camera has the towel.
Sam does a superb job with the Four Questions
Nathan dipping parsley in the salt water
For dinner we have grilled lamb…
Yummy mashed potatoes…
And asparagus.
Sarah’s homemade macaroons for dessert!

We finish up the evening with some hearty “pouring out of wrath” and many songs. This is our best Seder yet!

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  1. You and John do a great job – really traditional and beautiful Seder….Covered everything and wish I could have joined you – especially for those home made macaroons – with very best wishes – and thanks again for taking me on your trip and letting me share in your Seder….fondly – Mimi Friedman

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