Cadiz, Spain. 4/8/19

Today we are in Cadiz. The optional tours are for Seville and Jerez. We visited Seville and Jerez before when we had arranged a tour in Seville and had tickets to the Andalusian equestrian center so we opt for a walking tour of Cadiz. Plus it is free.

Our docking spot and a view of Cadiz

Our boat pulls into Cadiz and soon we are on our way. The city is clean and inviting with gardens and streets with overhanging terraces. Here is some of what we saw.

Our first view is of the Plaza of Spain which celebrates the first Constitution of Spain drafted in Cadiz in 1812 and established a constitutional monarchy with many of the same freedoms as the American Constitution. Unfortunately it was repealed under King Ferdinand VII in 1814 who reestablished absolute monarchy.
The monument on the Plaza of Spain has a center column with extracts from the Constitution and is flanked by sculptures symbolizing agriculture and citizenship. The two bronze horsemen represent war and peace.
On the other side of the monument is Hercules the mythical founder of Cadiz.
An enormous ficus tree outside of the art museum
Typical narrow street
Flowers are everywhere
Church of San Antonio
Ornate bank building
Door knocker on the house of Manuel de Falla, the famous composer
We stop at the Mercato Centrale and there are wonderful looking vegetables
and pork products
and more fruits and vegetables
Then we stop at the New Cathedral and go inside
Inside is a monstrous monstrance
A grilled choir
with carved panels inside
John goes down to the crypt where Santa Victoria’s non-corrupt body lies in a glass container
Also here is the burial site of Manuel Falla, the composer and favorite son of Cadiz
We also see the City Hall
One of the motifs are tuna which is a nod to the origianal settlers of Cadiz, the Phoenicians
Then we take a couple of pictures of me in the City Hall plaza

We go down to dinner at the Chef’s Table tonight where the theme is ‘Las Route des Indes.” Here are a few highlights.

Tuna tataki
Beef tenderloin with purple potato mousseline
Incredibly delicious tarte tatin

We are hoping to see the Straits of Gibraltar before it gets too dark but it seems that we are not going to make it. However we do see the lights of Morocco on one side and the Rock of Gibraltar on the other. We wave and shout, Hi Africa! Seeing Africa was one of our agenda items to complete.

You can see the enormous Rock of Gibraltar on the other side



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  1. Hey sweet girl! I just caught up on your cruise, and I’m so sorry the crossing was difficult! I’m also nervous since we’re doing a crossing from Spain to Ft Lauderdale in Nov 2020. The crossing we did four years ago was very smooth. Perhaps it’s the huge ship we were on. Since we’re doing another Princess megaship, I’m hoping it will be smooth sailing! Now that you’re near land, the blog has gotten much more interesting! ?. Even I was getting bored by the food! But I always love to experience your travels vicariously! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! Hugs!

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