Trees of Mystery and more! 6/13/19

We are off to the Trees of Mystery today! It is kind of like a Paul Bunyan theme park and I bet that most people, even Californians, have never heard of it.  When you approach there is a giant statue of Paul Bunyan with his blue ox, Babe. Bunyan is voiced by someone watching the people  come in and greets them personally while waving his giant hand. There are plenty of photo opportunities before you even buy your tickets.

Family and wooden bear
Alex and Sam with Babe
Jon and Alex by Paul Bunyan’s big foot

Next is our adventure in the woods where there are lots of named trees and information about the growing cycle of redwoods.

Jon, Alex, and Sam with a wooden chipmunk
Peering into the root end of a fallen redwood

When you get up the hill  through the trees there is a gondola ride which takes you high above the trees. You can see Karl the fog rolling in off the Pacific. From here on out Sam has instituted a thumbs up meme for all his pictures.

Thumbs up! Sam, Alex, and Jon on the gondola ride
Beeba at the top of the gondola ride

After we descend on the gondola there is a portion of the park that is about the Paul Bunyan story with lots of carved stumps. The kids enjoyed climbing on some of the carved animals.

Sam peeking out behind Alex on her turtle?

Lastly we are treated to another time capsule redwood cross section.

Cross-section of a redwood

We have spent several hours at the Trees of Mystery. What does the family think of our experience?

We had a good time!

We grab a so-so lunch at a place across the street from the park and then head back to Trinidad. The kids play video games or read for the rest of the afternoon. Jon and I both snooze in our recliner chairs. We are tired out from all the day’s excitement.

Tonight we are having our “fancy” dinner at a seafood restaurant called SALT in Arcata. It turns out to be a great experience with Alex and Sam trying fried calamari for the first time (a hit!). They also both try steamed mussels. This was a split decision with Sam giving it a thumbs up and Alex thinking that this seafood is not for him.

John and Jon at SALT
Sam really enjoys the fried calamari and mussels

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