Have you ever noticed that there are two kinds of people – the on -time people and the late people? What is it about the on-time people that makes them feel so upset by the late people? And what is it that makes the late people think that the on-time people are anal fussbudgets? Here, I think, is one of those great divides between people. I am an on- time person. I don’t understand late people at all. Isn’t being on time merely being polite and considerate? Yet, I must admit on-time-ed-ness has some strange ramifications. Why do I set the alarm every morning at 6 AM even though I have nowhere to go? Why in my effort to be on time do I invariably arrive early? My kids say that if I say I’ll meet them between 12:30 and 1, I really mean 12:25. In fact, in order to be comfortable with John’s kind of on-time-ness, I’ll suggest leaving a half hour earlier than I am really want. We on-time people have a lot of stress.


I just finished writing a long intro to my word for the day and then lost it by pushing the wrong key. Here’s the word without the intro.

paleolithic – adjective – pertaining to the Stone Age. From the Greek, paleo – old, ancient and lithic – stone


Do you find that you snack too much at a party or at a wedding when people are walking around offering you tasty tidbits to eat? Here’s an idea to slow you down. I think I heard it on Food TV. Anyway, one way to make it more difficult to eat a lot of snack foods is to hold your drink in your right hand (if you are right-handed.) Trying to pick up and manipulate a mini-taco or a canape is much more difficult in your non-dominant hand. The desire to overeat is not as great as the desire not to spill something on your host’s rug!



Since I’ve been here in Florida, I’ve run into quite a few senior citizens. Many are lovely and polite but many are not. Perhaps it’s just more noticeable down here where older Americans (and Canadians) make up a large portion of the population. I have been in situations where some of these people yelled at store clerks, yelled at me, took our parking space when we had our signal on and generally made themselves disagreeable. I have friends at home who are older people and they don’t act like this. Are these people in southern Florida more prone to impoliteness because they are all concentrated together and it makes them more competitive for what they consider is their due? I am concerned that maybe I’ll turn into one of these people some day. Everyone – children, teens, adults and senior citizens deserve repect and should give it back in return.


I have been so busy cleaning and entertaining that I haven’t had time to finish the Saturday NY Times puzzle or even start on Sunday. I’m almost done with Saturday, though, and here’s a word that was in the puzzle that I didn’t know.

plicate – adjective – Arranged in folds like those of a fan; pleated. (

So, the next time you are having a dinner party, make a plicate napkin.


Do you realize that sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are really just thirsty? Before you head to the refrigerator or snack cabinet, try drinking a large glass of water. It should take the edge off your hunger. And it’s really an essential component of your diet. Six to eight glasses of water a day should be your goal.


This is a word that was in the NY Times crossword today. I’d heard it before but it was one of the words that I knew I knew but couldn’t come up with a defintion right away.

scrim – A durable, loosely woven cotton or linen fabric used for curtains or upholstery lining or in industry or
a transparent fabric used as a drop in the theater to create special effects of lights or atmosphere.

Well, this made me think about scrimshaw, the carving or etching of ivory. I looked up the derivation of both and the origin was unknown. Interesting.


Today, after shopping for what seemed and actually was, hours, we were hungry and interested in local fish. We decided to fly in the face of family lore and headed to a place called Captain Jerry’s. Imagine our surprise when we found out it was actually a fish market in Naples, FL. They had lots of exciting fresh fish plus gourmet groceries and fresh vegetables. What a find! We have a great fish market here on Marco as well, the Paradise Fish Company. Captain Jerry’s had a much larger selection but it is a distance away. In any case, it is great to find local fish that is fresh with knowledgeable people to help.


Here’s a review of the five important diet tips to use while you are on vacation. Remember, this is not so you lose weight but so you will either stay the same or only gain a small amount.

1. Do something physical every day.
2. Don’t eat red meat
3. Don’t eat anything deep fried
4. Have sweet things at special times
5. Don’t drink at lunch, plus its corollary, no umbrella drinks!

I hope these have helped. They are the result of lots of fun experimentation.