Amsterdam. 4/17/1996

Today John leaves to deal with some problem in Manchester, England.  Sarah and I decide to skip the tour  (probably a good idea given yesterday) and sleep in instead. We have a very expensive breakfast (66f) at the hotel.

After breakfast we go to the Hard Rock Cafe and get t-shirts for Jon and Sarah. Then we are off to the Rijksmuseum. We rent the audio guide and spend 3-4 hours there. It is very enjoyable. I like “Woman at her Toilette” which I find out is actually a painting of a prostitute. There is a symbolic bed, candle and dog that clue you in to the meaning of the painting. Other favorites are Allegory of Winter and Old woman in Prayer.

Woman at her toilette, Jan Steen
Old Woman at Prayer, Nicholas Maes

We go to McDonald’s for a late lunch and get back to the hotel around 4:30PM. John gets back around 6 PM. We have a drink and then dinner in the hotel.

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