Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, October 1, 1999

Both our flights go smoothly and we arrive in Frankfurt at 7:15 AM. We pick up our rental car and are on our way to Rothenburg by 9AM. We run into some. Very heavy traffic outside of Wurzburg and we opt to take a scenic alternate route and arrive in Rothenburg around noon.

Since Rothenburg is a medieval walled city we park outside the city in one of the many parking lots and walk into the city. Everything is very medieval and the whole town mostly survives on tourism. We find the Burg Hotel which is part of a cloister and uses the city wall as one of its outside walls. They have our room ready so we are check in. The room is very nice with a sitting room with ceramic stove. The bathroom has the typical European shower of no shower curtain but a useless pane of glass that only goes part way across.

View out of our hotel windows of Detwang

We go out in search of lunch down one of the main streets of the town. It is raining but still everything is so charming! We decide to try the Hotel Gotisches Haus which has a restaurant  at street level. I have wedding soup with tiny meatballs. John has soup and a salad. After lunch we return to the hotel and take a nap from 3PM until 6PM.

Hotel and restaurant Gotisches Haus, Rothenburg (internet photo)
Charming building with window boxes and John

Later we go out for dinner at the Hotel Goldener Hirsch. We share the dining room with a large Japanese group. I order sauerbraten and John tries their Wiener schnitzel. Vegetables do not seem to be a German thing. After dinner we walk the ramparts.

Dining room of the Goldener Hirsch (internet)
John on the ramparts

P.S. On the way to dinner we see a small parade with a valveless trumpet and drums. They march into a restaurant. We also see some really nice small Santas in a shop that look like they were made out of pressed metal and painted.

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