Air Pudding & Wind Sauce

Air pudding and wind sauce is our family’s term for dessert. I’ve never been a dessert eater so I’ve never really learned how to make the goodies that get so many people in trouble. When the kids were little and asked what was for dessert, they would invariably get the answer, “air pudding and wind sauce.”

I do have a couple of standard emergency foods, though, along the same lines. One is null soup and the other is dust toast. The recipes –

null soup – take all the non-starchy vegetables in your refrigerator, cut them up and put them in fat-free chicken broth. Rutabagas are especially good in this because they give the illusion of being a sort of potato. Cook until vegetables are cooked but still crisp.

dust toast – take two slices of 40 calorie bread (I use 9 grain), toast, spray with “I Can’t Believe It’s Butter” spray, sprinkle on cinnamon and sweetener. This is goes very well with a cup of tea late in the afternoon.

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