Kretch’s, Marco Island, Florida

This restaurant which sort of looks like a 50’s motel from the outside was a pleasant surprise. Although they have several meat entrees, we were there for the fish. When we got the menu, it was like being in the Monty Python Cheese Shop. There were eight specials but four were crossed out. Our waitress, who called us “kids,” proceeded to tell us what other things they were out of. So, of the fish left there was a Cajun grilled Key’s dolphin and a batter-fried haddock. Since eating deep fried things on vacation violates Vacation Diet Tip #3, we had the dolphin. This came with a choice of caesar salad or tossed salad. John had the caesar and they asked if he wanted anchovies on top. The tossed salad was your basic Eastern salad – mostly iceberg lettuce. We also got a basket of freshly made rye bread which, while odd, was very good. And a container of whipped butter (or margarine.) Why do they do that? Is it cheaper? Give me real butter or olive oil. Anyway, when the fish came, it was a thick piece that was cooked perfectly. Not dry and overcooked. Many kudos for the fish.

So big pluses for the fish, the bread, the anchovies and the inexpensive house wine, and small minuses for the overly exuberant waitress, the lack of ambiance, the whipped butter and the Cheese Shop routine. Also bad name.

I give Kretch’s B+ (John agrees)

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