Snook’s Inn


Since we like to eat out (but not in Utah), and we get to do so in lots of different places, I thought I’d occasionally include a restaurant review.

Snook’s Inn, Marco Island, FL – We went to this place for lunch the first day we got here. We wanted some Florida island ambiance. Snook’s has plenty of ambiance. You can eat outside or inside right next to the water. People tie up their boats and come in for a meal. So, it definitely filled the bill for the island experience. We both ordered the Snook’s Inn luncheon specialty, grouper sandwich. It comes with salad bar and fries. You don’t see many salad bars anymore. It was typical except for a vat of large, half sour pickle pieces. Since I still I have to write my diet tip, let’s say I merely sampled a french fry or two in the interest of reporting. They tasted as if they had not been double fried. Not creamy enough on the inside and crispy on the outside. The grouper, however, was great – broiled so that it was just cooked through. The bun, however, was flabby and uninspired. Grade for Snook’s Inn – C+ (John says B-)

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