Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall, Jean, NV

For $19.95 a night, this was a surprisingly good experience. The rooms are good size and clean. The casino has low wager tables ($2) and also penny and nickel slots. The biggest downside was the fact that the beds are really, really hard and the showerhead is really low.

We ate at The Steakhouse which is their better restaurant. At The Steakhouse we were met by a supercilious maitre d’ in a tuxedo. This put us at an immediate disadvantage since I was wearing jeans and John had on his hiking pants. But we soldiered on and took a table. The menu had steaks, chops and seafood. One of the entrees was hockey pucks (scallops) in a wine, lemon butter sauce. I, of course, asked for them cooked medium rare so they wouldn’t resemble hockey pucks. The waiter actually told me that they cook all their seafood thoroughly so that the patrons wouldn’t get sick. So we were not off to a good start. But after checking in the kitchen, he discovered from the chef that it was possible not to have them overdone. Both John and I had our meal cooked exactly as we had asked. John had a medium rare veal chop and I had soft, lovely scallops. Except for the fact that everything was very glistening (covered in butter), it was a very good meal at a reasonable price. (My winnings covered it!)

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