The Producers

Here’s another non-restaurant but food-related entry. When we are away from California, I often find the produce to be overpriced and of questionable quality. Too often it is wrapped in plastic, pre-selected for you. Seriously, I’d much rather rummage through a bin and find the best stuff for myself. Here in southwest Utah, the produce is often very sorry looking. You can drive to Utah from California in less than a day. How could the produce have gone so down hill in less than 24 hours? Perhaps it’s because fresh produce isn’t used as much here? One time we picked out an eggplant and at the checkout the woman said,”Is that an eggplant? I’ve been working here for 9 months and no one has ever bought one of those before!” But the point is we have found a great place for produce. It’s called Eisenhauer’s Country Produce and is located in Ivins, Utah. Their motto is,”Affordability for the Family!” Last Friday, we bought asparagus for $.99/lb. and onions were 3 lbs. for $1. There was great looking lettuces, $.79 avocados, red peppers for less than $1 each. We are so pleased to have found this gem.

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