Chili’s, Tampa Airport, FL

This isn’t really a restuarant review because everyone know what Chili’s is like. It’s more like reporting on a comedy of errors. I guess what it really boils down to is that Chili’s needs to train its staff before letting them wait on you kamikaze style. John and I planned to have lunch at the airport because we know what the snacks are like on Southwest and we would be flying and changing planes for the next 7 hours. So we ate at the Chili’s in Tampa airport. John ordered a Caribbean chicken salad and I ordered the soup and salad combination. Easy enough, wouldn’t you think? But no. And it was the soup and salad combo that was the problem. It’s listed on the menu as Soup and Salad, a bowl of one of their soups and a choice between a small dinner salad or a caesar salad for $5.99. I ordered vegetable soup and a dinner salad with blue cheese dressing. Problem number 1, waitress does not know how to use the computer entering system. Number 2, she does not know if it is a cup or bowl, so we helpfully give her the menu so she can read the portion sizes. Number 3, John’s salad comes and my soup comes out, but no salad. We ask about the salad. She will check. Number 4, manager comes over to find out if everything is okay. We say, no salad. Number 5, waitress brings small caesar salad instead of dinner salad. We say nothing. I decide just to eat the caesar. Number 6, manager brings large chicken caesar salad. Number 7, someone else brings small caesar salad. Number 8, the first bill is wrong. Number 9, the second bill is wrong. Number 10, we are comped for our lunch. Number 10 was the only non-problem. Do I walk under a restaurant black cloud?

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