Jen’s Favorites

In case you don’t read the comments, here are Jen’s favorite restaurants.

In no particular order:
Darrell’s, Manteo, NC (still the best hush puppies and crabcakes I’ve ever tasted)
Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, DC (asparagus and ham strata on a Sunday morning…and the closest I’ll ever get to eating at the White House)
Fire & Ice, Middlebury, VT (grossly overpriced but very tasty entrees, and my favorite salad/bread/cheese bar)
The Keg, Toronto, Ontario (fantastic steakhouse with incredible service, every time)
Chef Geoff’s, Washington, DC (cozy atmosphere with an adventurous chef who does lovely things with potatoes)
E&O Trading Co., San Francisco, CA (a pomegranate margarita) (or two)
Five Guys, Alexandria, VA (the best fresh hamburgers and fries, with a giant box of peanuts available while you wait)

Thanks so much, Jen, for sending them along.

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