The “A” List

I’ve been taking to task by one of my blog readers. She feels I am too negative in my restaurant reviews and I would improve my life if I could take a more positive view of things. I think that I try to give credit where credit is due. But just to let you know that I do find many restaurants really good, here is my “A” list. Some of these restaurants may no longer be in business and some may have gone downhill since I was there, but the meals I had at them were great at the time.

The overall best restaurant I have ever eaten at –
Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence, Italy

Other “A” List Restuarants
Bernard Morillon, Beaune, France (foie gras in a gingerbread crust)
Oak City Grill, Menlo Park, CA (scallops)
Cafe Des Artistes, Key West, Florida ( vegetables)
Pastavino, Florence, Italy
Jacques, Chicago, Illinois (fish en croute with 2 sauces)
L’eperlan, Quebec, Quebec (coquilles St. Jacques)
Le Filles du Roy, Montreal, Quebec (assiette Canadienne)
Domaine Chandon, Yountville, CA
Starz, Oakville, CA (no longer in business but the best fried calamari ever!)
Nob Hill, Las Vegas, NV (mashed potato sampler!)
Braverman’s Deli, Chicago (John’s #1 favorite)

And there are more but I am hoping to go back to them and do a more current review.

What are your favorites and why?

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