Nob Hill, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

John and I went here for our anniversary two years ago. This was a great meal which also taught us a lesson. I started with the appetizer special which was various caviars on toast points. Yum. John had the seasonal soup. My main course was a piece of Chilean sea bass just cooked through, wrapped filet mignon style with a piece of bacon. John had Niman Ranch Veal Chop with a polenta cake, fava beans, capers, and sage. The most astounding thing, though, was the mashed potato sampler which had five different flavored mashed potatoes. There were truffle potatoes, mushroom potatoes, champagne potatoes, garlic potatoes and one other. For a girl who really loves potatoes, it was potato heaven. And it’s not something you order, it just arrives. For dessert we shared creme brulee. Question – why do places insist on putting fresh fruit on top of the lovely sugar crust. It melts it! So we quickly grabbed the raspberries off the top of the creme brulee and saved it. We had a lovely Sancerre with the meal. So, the bill comes. Hmmm, how much should this be. Certainly in the $200 range. But no! The bill is over $300. Why? The caviar appetizer is $120. So, never, never order something without knowing how much it costs. The waitstaff may read you the specials with no prices but you need to know!

Mary grade – A
John grade – A

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