Parents’ Day

While we are on the subject of food as a gift, I have to talk about the wonderful Parents’ Day celebration that our kids gave us. Since we all have busy lives and John and I are only home part of the time, we decided to celebrate a combination Mother’s/Father’s Day on June 12. Since the only thing we want from our kids are their company and hugs, we decided to meet for brunch at Jon’s. Well, what an impressive meal they made! First we started with mimosas and then we had Eggs Benedict and Silverman. Eggs Silverman substitute the ham with smoked salmon. Sarah made the hollandaise sauce by hand with much whisking. Jon fixed home fries with onions and we had shaved truffles on top. The meal was great and the time spent together even better. The Braisin’ Hussy has posted the recipes if you’d like to see them.

Dad’s grade – A
Mom’s grade – A

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