Yay, it’s our anniversary!  After being married 34 years people sometimes ask us, How can you stay married that long?  John, being the sweetie that he is, answers, how could we not? 

In celebration of our big day we are going up to wine country, visiting a winery  and having dinner at Cyrus in Healdsburg.  We’ve eaten at Cyrus once before and it is wonderful.  Apparently it has been discovered because even for a Monday night it was difficult to get reservations.  Then we’ll stay over in Healdsburg and head back home tomorrow.

In other recent happenings, Jon, Ryan and Nathan came for a visit on Saturday.  It was very exciting.  Jon and John played some tennis and Ryan and I took Nathan for a swim.  Well, not quite a swim, more like dipping toes in water.  Nathan wasn’t too sure about the pool and was startled by the noisy water.  He is so sweet.  It is great to watch him learn about the world around him concentrating so hard on things as miniscule as the edge of his blanket.  He, of course, shows brilliance in doing these things along with a winning personality.  (Oh, excuse me, I must be his grandmother.)

So life is pretty happy right now.  We are heading off to Utah on Thursday to see if the house is still in good shape and not inundated with ashes from all the recent fires.

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