Monday, July 21, 2008 – Bandon, Oregon

Cold man and the sea

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We have a house right across a park from the ocean. If there were actually a sun, we could see it set. The weather has been rather totally marine layer and the sun never made it out today. But intrepid travelers that we are, we went to the park and down the cliff to the beach. The picture tells it all.

Along with freezing at the beach, we went into downtown Bandon, had lunch and did some shopping. As doting parents and grandparents we are always on the lookout for some piece of vacation schlock to foist upon our kids – only good presents for Nathan. (Actually we try to get our kids some nice stuff too.) We also went to the Coquille Point lighthouse. That’s pronounced KO KWELL, not like the famous French dish Coquille Saint Jacques. Apparently the native Americans here were more into subsistence than haute cuisine.

We found out that the Coos County Fair is opening tomorrow and we think maybe we’ll go check it out. There are probably some mighty fine presents to be had there!

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