Saturday, July 26, 2008 – Port Angeles, WA

I’ve been playing catch-up with my blogging as our cottage doesn’t have internet.  If there is one thing I’ve learned on this trip, it’s don’t book a place that doesn’t have internet and always get a king-sized bed.  Our charming cottage has neither but it is clean and cute.  It is also quite isolated and we haven’t had to interact with the other guests  or the hosts much.  We see this as a plus.  Here’s a picture of our cottage, the Morning Dove.

Morning Dove

Today we went to the Olympic National Park and hiked up to the Marymere Falls.  How could we not?  Marymom does Marymere.  Anyway, I have discovered how incredibly out of hiking shape I am.  It was only about 2 miles.  Only the last part was really steep and only a couple hours later I am hurting quite a bit.  I guess tennis muscles don’t help hiking.  Below is a picture of the falls.  The park is enormous with Mount Olympus at the center.  Tomorrow we will go to the Hoh Rain Forest.  It should be fairly dripping with moss and verdant growth.

Marymere waterfall

Lastly, we went to the Arts in Motion fair in downtown Port Angeles.  Two fairs in one week, it has to be a record for us.  There were the usual crafty things to buy, local talent on the stage and fair food but, there was also a sand sculpture contest!  It was great.  We saw these really large sand sculptures made in the shapes of cavemen, babies, musicians and the one that we voted for which was entitled “Jazz,” and was kind of cubist representation of the theme.

Cubist sand art, Port Angeles

We also found out today that there is WiFi in the main lodge of the B & B so we are all set! (except for the queen size bed.)

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