Friday, August 1, 2008 – Border Crossing

Oops, we overslept this morning. I thought I set the alarm for 6 but at 7:30 we were still in bed.  I am a really on time person. So I am feeling bad about the delay but we decide it’s not tragic. We can still get to Winthrop, Washington in plenty of time. Except, except, we didn’t count on the BORDER CROSSING.

Peace brothers

The Peace Arch shown in the picture reads, “Brethren dwelling together in unity.” Yes, dwelling in the unity of unending lanes of cars. We waited two hours to cross the border back into the U.S. Two hours! After spending time in Europe where you cross unimpeded from country to country, this was unbelievable. Crawling along and adding to the greenhouse effect, we were then questioned by the  dour border guy who seemed surprised that we were only bringing back a few presents for our kids. Really, where were the cheap drugs that I get spam about every day?  And seriously, these border guys?  Are they selected for their dourness?  John and I decided they must be put in a room where they are told jokes.  Anyone who laughs is out of contention for the job.

John was near to exploding which made me even more guilty for oversleeping. But we passed through without being searched and headed to our next destination.

But wait, what’s this? While stopping in Concrete, Washington to find a post office to mail Nathan’s postcard-of-the-day we spotted a mural. Check it out below – the tagline under Concrete says “center of the known universe!” Of course unlike the one in Victoria, this is only of the “known universe.” We are visiting one more center in Idaho. It’s really strange how the center of the universe keeps moving.  I guess it’s wherever we are.

Center of the Universe 2

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