Just to wrap up, we left Teton Springs and drove to St. George where we stayed a couple of days.  It was really hot!  We arrived home on Aug. 15.  It was a great trip with new sights, some really good dinners out (even one in St. George), and some new knowledge gained about what works and what doesn’t.

What was best?  I think the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park was exceptional.  The Butchart Gardens were spectacular and a place one could visit all different times of the year.  The Connor Butler restaurant was a great experience -  great chef, great restaurant, great time.  Learning about the bridges in Oregon was quite interesting.  And, of course, taking this trip with John was the best of all.

So if I had to do it over again?  I’d book king-size beds only.  A working internet is a must.  I’d pack half or less of the clothes I brought.  Having a kitchen is a good thing.  Booking places with owners who manage their own properties is less of a good thing.  And I wouldn’t book places that boast of having a jacuzzi bathtub in the living area.  It’s stupid and takes up the space that a couch should go in (Best Western, Gardiner, MT.)  I’d always bring my own sheets to exchange for scratchy or pill-y ones.  I think I’d leave the chairs and table home next time because we were always able to find a picnic table.

So we are home for a while but we did book a vacation for March today!

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