Wednesday morning, August 6, 2008 – Yellowstone NP

Liberty Cap

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Last night we stayed at the Best Western at Mammoth Springs. It wasn’t the Best. Our room was next to the guest laundry, had no place to sit since they decided to put the bathtub in the bedroom area, had an air conditioner that worked intermittently and the internet was a joke. So we pulled the plug and decided we’d head to Teton Springs a couple of days early. On the way we visited the Mammoth Springs section of Yellowstone National Park. Here’s a picture of a dormant geyser named Liberty Cap. In the late 1800’s we were feeling more congenial about the French and some guy thought this looked like a cap worn during the French revolution. John made some crude remark about what it looked like and I suggested it might be called Le Cock du Liberte.

The Mammoth Springs area seems to have dried out since we were here last year. The underground water stops and starts due to earthquakes and mineral disposits. What may have been dormant can spring to life. We only visited the northern portion of the park today since we needed to get on to our next destination.

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