Passover celebration – 4/15/17

As usual we are not quite on the right day for our Seder but better a delayed Seder when the whole family can get together than no Seder at all! As usual I really enjoy getting the table ready.

Table almost ready for the Passover Seder

When the family arrives I have a special task for Sam. A few years ago we had made the ten plagues out of a paper bag kits. We put them on the mantle as decoration. This year I scramble them up and ask Sam to help me out by putting them in the right order. He can find the correct order by looking in the Haggadah. He is very enthusiastic about his job.

Sam getting started with the plagues
Sam checking the Haggadah for the order
Close to getting done
Sam is having too much fun to do this alone!

After Nathan and Sam finish it is family picture time.

Ryan, Jonathan, Nathan, and Sam

Time to get started!

Family at the Seder table

Nathan and Sam take turns being the basin holder and towel distributor for the two “washing of the hands”

Nathan holds the basin while Zayde washes his hands, Sam is behind with the towel

This Passover is the first time for Sam as the youngest participant to ask the Four Questions. He does a great job!

Ryan helps Sam with the reading of the Four Questions

We had a great time going through the ritual, singing songs, and having a delicious dinner. I look forward to this every year.

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