June 27, 2017 – Geiranger, Norway

Terrible sleeping night with rough seas last night. We are up in the middle of the night and spend some time mid-ship where the swells are not as apparent. Finally I talk John into thinking about the motion of the ship like sine waves and to relax himself and just go with it. We manage to get some sleep and towards morning the ship enters the fjord where everything is much calmer.

The Geiranger fjord is spectacularly beautiful as we head toward the little town of Geiranger with a permanent population of only around 220 people.  There are many more here today with lots of summer visitors and cruise ship denizens descending upon it.

View of Geiranger fjord
View of still water and steep cliffs of Geiranger fjord
One of many waterfalls we can see off the starboard side of the ship as we approach the town of Geiranger
Tiny town of Geiranger at the foot of the fjord

We disembark from the ship using tenders and board buses for a scenic ride through the mountains surrounding Geiranger. The ship looks smaller and smaller as we climb.

Our ship, the Viking Sea, is on the right of the two ships
Getting smaller as we ascend

The bus driver negotiates the many switchbacks on the road with real know-how but so many busses on these narrow mountain roads are kind of scary. Finally we reach an overlook and stop for some pictures.

From our overlook, the view back towards the mouth of the fjord with the Seven Sisters waterfall
There are so many waterfalls! This one crashes down next to the parking area.
John with clouds and fjord
Mary with fjord and waterfall

Next we negotiate our way back down the road and up another one which takes us behind the town of Geiranger.

At our first stop the town of Geiranger is far below in a beautiful setting

Our local guide tells us that this morning when she drove over the hill from her little town to Geiranger that the temperature was -4C and it was snowing hard at the top of the mountain but that the snow plows were taking care to make sure that the roads were clear. As we continue up it is hard to believe that it’s summer! We stop not too far from the top of the mountain at Djupvasshytta.

Partly frozen mountain lake
John by the lake
The snow is as high as me!

After returning to Geiranger we do a little shopping with the thousands of other cruise ship folk from the various ships that have called into this port. Our tour guide has assured us that without the tourists that Geiranger would not exist but you have to feel sorry for these poor citizens of Geiranger who must put up with this onslaught on tourists every summer. I know if it were me I would be pining for the when the sun disappeared for six months along with the tourists.

John and I enjoy a glass of wine sitting out on our little porch as our ship departs Geiranger. The beautiful Seven Sisters Waterfall is on our side of the boat now. As we pass  we can hear the roar of the water falling but it mysteriously enters the fjord with nary a splash.

Approaching the Seven Sisters Waterfalls


The Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Today’s on again, off again rain and clouds have cleared out and we are treated to a lovely ride back out of the fjord. We sit and watch this beautiful corner of the world go by as we have dinner at the Italian restaurant on the ship, Manfredi’s.

We both start with octopus carpaccio
My soup is porcini mushroom and John has pasta fagioli
I forget to take pictures of our main course (veal Marsala for me and mussels for John) but here is the dessert we chose. The orange supremes, whipped cream, and sauce were the parts we liked.

The Captain has promised a much calmer night tonight and we are looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

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