Thanksgiving, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are having the feast at our house and expecting 10 people. In addition to us and Sarah, there is Jon, Ryan, Nathan, Sam, and Leigh, plus Rose and John Henderson.  John and I have been cooking for days and things go along pretty smoothly. We have one disaster dish, butternut squash with bacon and sage. The squash tastes terrible and we throw it out. Our only other hitch comes when John puts the turkey in the oven not realizing that I had turned the oven off. Turns out that we only need to slip the schedule 30 minutes.

Jonathan brings a broccoli dish and sauteed kale. Ryan brings cranberry sauce. Leigh contributes homemade Chex Mix for before-sies. Rose makes four pies – strawberry rhubarb, pumpkin, mincemeat, and chocolate chess. Sarah also makes dessert, our family favorite, Indian pudding. I think we have enough desserts.

Nathan has made a Lego diorama of aliens at the first Thanksgiving and Sam brings along placecards. Everybody is taking part this year.

Here are some pictures –

Indoor decorations
Outdoor decorations
Nathan’s LEGO depiction of the first alien Thanksgiving
John’s innovation for keeping stemless glasses identified – peelable vinyl stickers (like Color-Forms)
Sam and Leigh pick out stickers for their glasses while “Gramps Henderson” looks on
John and Jonathan
Jon and mom
Sam’s place card for Beeba, a bee saying baaaa
Zayde gets a hissing snake
John and Sarah waiting for their turn at the buffet
Nathan and Sam picking out their favorites
Leigh and Rose in line
Jonathan with his plate
I only took a spoonful of each, except the onions, and my plate is so full!
Nathan, Ryan, and Sam enjoying dinner
Uh-oh Sam is getting tired. Time for dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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