The longest day. 3/7-8/18

  • Today we travel to Rome and while all roads may lead to Rome not all airplanes do. This is true especially today when the Italians have called for a transportation strike which will last until 6pm. So our flight to Rome from London has been cancelled and we are put on a much later flight. We also lose our business class seats. Sigh.

    John and Sarah waiting for the flight to London
John whiling away the hours on the long flight to Heathrow

There is nothing to be done about it so we just try to put on our best faces and soldier on. As I am writing this we are in our 4th layover hour and have two more to go.

Long story short, the later flight is delayed. We arrive in Rome after 8 pm, then we have to go through the giant passport control line, get our luggage, take a very exciting taxi ride which is extreme at up to 90 mph with inventive use of traffic lanes  (plus my seat belt does not work!), and end up at our hotel at 10 pm. Ah the glamour of travel.

Small section of the Disneyland-like line at passport control

But we are here in Rome! So all the hassle has faded into the background (almost).The Hotel UNA Roma has given us an upgrade to a suite and we have plans for tomorrow! Next order of business, sleep!



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