Mother’s Day. 5/13/18

Today is Mother’s Day! I have invited over the whole family for a cookout to honor the moms and have a good time.

My first special gift is a Swedish tea ring made by Sarah. We have an early morning piece before everyone gets here.

Yum, Swedish tea ring
Sarah and I pose for a picture

Then everyone arrives for our lunchtime cookout. We haven’t seen the kids in a while so it is wonderful to have a visit with them. Ryan’s parents and Leigh also come. Everyone has pitched in and we are eating on disposable plates so there is not too much mess to clean up afterwards.

The moms get cards and hugs and everybody feels loved!

Some pictures from the day-

Jonathan in the kitchen
Jon, Ryan, Alex (formerly Nathan) and Sam
Zayde showing Alex how to cook hamburgers
Mon and Jon

It is a lovely day and now that everyone has left I can sit here and look at my cards and flowers and be happy!

Mother’s Day cards and flowers

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