We are all at sea. 8/27/18

In crossword puzzles the answer to the clue “confused or bewildered” is “at sea.” But here on the ship being at sea means that we are stopping at no ports.  So it is a good time to sleep in, hand wash a few things, and go to a couple of talks in the Star Theater where we are always entertained while waiting with 50’s music. Most of the people on the boat are in their 60’s and 70’s and were not bopping to “Throw Momma from the Train a Kiss” when they were teens.

And, of course, eating is a main activity on an at sea day.

I take a picture of our room service breakfast and my lunch but I will spare you.

Here is the view from the front of the boat.

View of at sea day

We go to the Port Talk for tomorrow which is Gdansk . We learn that Gdansk was 90% destroyed in WWII and has now been rebuilt to look as it was. I am wondering if this will be a Gdansk World kind of experience.

Then later we go to a talk about the Bayeux Tapestry which we have seen when traveling in France a few years ago. It is a 70 meter piece of linen embroidered with the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror’s ascension to the English throne in 1066. The fellow talking is very informative and has interesting graphics which he stands in front of the whole time he is talking. So that is a bit frustrating.

Afterwards John gets a negroni sbagliato which is like a regular negroni but substitutes champagne for the gin and club soda. I have a sip. It’s pretty tasty.

John with a negroni sbagliato

Our dinner tonight is Venice Carnival at the Chef’s Table. With the exception of the main course the rest of the dishes are red-ish in honor of the Venetian painter Carpaccio whose paintings featured a bright red.

We start with roasted pepper and tomato jelly with a goat cheese latte foam. It is tasty but more in a gazpacho way. The restaurant is slammed tonight and I think the jelly has sat out too long and turned into soup.

Roasted pepper and tomato jelly

Next we have the eponymous Carpaccio. We get some sea salt and olive oil to put on it. I think we improved it.


Next we have a palate cleanser of peach juice foam which they call a Bellini. Meh.

For the main course we have a cod fillet with Jerusalem artichoke risotto and a tartufo foam. It is very good.

Cod sitting on a bed of Jerusalem artichoke risotto wrapped with a Parmesan tuille and covered with a truffle cream

Going to Gdansk, Poland tomorrow!


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