The Birthdays! 12/8/18

It’s birthdays time again and this is a very special birthday for George and me. He is turning 75 and I am turning 70.  George, who is in charge of all things planning, decides on a return trip to Bernardus in Carmel Valley, CA. We are scheduled to dine at the Chef’s Table in the restaurant, Lucia, kitchen.

Mary, John, Karen, George

First, though, there is lunch and a little wine tasting. We eat at Corkscrew Cafe not too far from the wineries and Bernardus. John has a small plate of ribs and I have a personal sized mushroom pizza. I am trying not to eat too much because I am assuming that tonight’s dinner will be substantial. I give away a few slices and leave a few. Over lunch we discuss what wineries we will go to. I am hoping for not an extensive wine tasting foray since I want to have enough time for a little lie-down and a shower before dinner.

Mushroom pizza at Corkscrew
John’s ribs

First we go to Boekenoogen where the wines are pretty meh. This is followed by a couple of sips at Jouillan, and then on to a newish winery, Idle Hour, where some ladies are playing guitars. We buy a couple of bottles and then head over to the hotel.


Ours room is great! It is spacious and has lots of little treats for us – wine, cheese, chips, and sweets. Mostly all I want to do is lie down on the too-soft bed with the too-big pillows and have a little nap.

Room at Bernardus Lodge

We meet George and Karen at 6:30 and progress to an eating marathon which takes until 10PM. Unlike our meal we had last time this meal has 12 courses! With a different wine for each one!  We are seated in an alcove where there are lots of famous chefs signatures on the wall.

Jacques Pepin, “Happy Cooking”
Julia Child, “Bon Appetit”

We eat and eat and eat untitled finally we call “uncle” and skip two courses towards the end. No cheese plate or venison for us thank you. Here is what we are served.

Bread course
Latke with caviar
Crab, avocado, citrus
Mezzeluna in brodo
Parmesan gnudi
Snapper and mussels
Freaky Squab
Waygu beef
Pumpkin dessert
Chocolate thing
Tisane tea
Wines paired with dinner (plus chamapagne)

So totally replete from too much wine and food plus reeling from the bill, we stumble off to bed. Of course we make plans for breakfast the next morning!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!



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