Yreka? Why not? 8/24/19

Our trip starts out not exactly on the right foot or on the left one either. It seems that Jack, our GPS, in an update of his maps, decides to delete the maps for North America and so when I look for Fairfield the answer I get is someplace in Ireland. But we have plenty of back up. We have my phone and we have the less than ideal system in the car. Anyway we find our way to Fairfield without any problem because we know where it is anyway and proceed to find a McDonald’s in a shopping mall that isn’t open. We give up on Fairfield and stop for breakfast at McDonald’s in Vacaville. It is OK, not great.

Our first sightseeing stop is in Redding, California. We go to the City Hall where they have a very nice sculpture garden. There are various works— some made of wood some made of granite or metal in a park like setting. We take advantage of the very small number of people in the park to take some pictures.

John at the Redding Sculpture Park
Mary in a sculpture called Wood—I feel like Jonah in the whale
John with a wooden wave


Next we go to the Turtlebay Exploration Center where we see the number one attraction in Redding, the Sundial Bridge. It is a pedestrian crossing of the Sacramento River. A guard on the bridge is nice enough to take a whole bunch of pictures of us.  It is not possible to spend too much time on the bridge since we are melting! The temperature is 95°! 

John on the Sundial Bridge
Picture thanks to the nice guard on the bridge
Old folks not at home

For lunch we stop at The  Habit in Redding. I am not very hungry since we had a big breakfast between 9:30 and 10. But John manages to finish up anything I leave behind. While we are waiting for our food, a guy next to John has a conversation him. What is it with people spontaneously talking to us!?  This guy needs to rant about the unfairness of the gender-neutral bathroom situation. He wants to wash his hands! He shouldn’t have to wait around for the bathroom to be free! We are somewhat taken aback.  I take out my Purell and we quietly clean off our hands.

The rest of the ride up to Yreka is uneventful. John drives and listens to the History of English podcast. Between bouts of nodding off frequently I catch sight of Mt. Shasta looming ahead.

Mt. Shasta ahead!

We reach our hotel around four and decide to take a little siesta time. Later on we head downtown to see what’s available for dinner and to check out their historic downtown. We have dinner in an historic building whose name is a palindrome. Strings Italian café is in the old bakery. If you write Yreka bakery you will find that it reads the same forwards and backwards. Unfortunately Strings Italian café is not a palindrome.

John diligently writing in his little notebook so we won’t forget what we are doing
Eggplant Parmesan, not the best but far from the worst
Yreka Bakery, a palindrome

After dinner we take a stroll up and down main street to see the buildings built in the late 19th century. Although there are a lot of historic buildings it seems that Yreka is not such a prospering town anymore. They had their moment of glory during the late 1800s gold rush but now only about 7000 people live here.

Victorian buildings in  downtown Yreka
Founded by a French guy not the Italian chef!

We have had a really great start to our vacation!

4 thoughts on “Yreka? Why not? 8/24/19”

  1. Sounds like great fun!! Love the palindromes! We’re up at Trillium enjoying the cool weather and have had two sets of visitors in the past ten days. Tomorrow the latest guests leave and we’ll be alone for a while, but will probably go home in a few days to see Richie and Fran. He has decided not to resume the chemo pill he was taking because it was making him sick. He says he wants to feel as well as he can for as much time as he has left. So sad, but an understandable decision. I like John’s beard. I haven’t seen one on him in a while! Hugs!??

  2. John just decided to do the beard when we went away in June. I figure he should just do what he wants. It makes him look older I think. I have a picture coming up in my next blog post where he is 57 and doesn’t even look 40. He has some good genes! Sorry there is sorrow in your life. I hope that Richie’s care people make sure he is not hurting. Hugs back!

  3. I’m actually rather disturbed by some of Fran and Richie’s decisions in all this. They still have not told the grandkids how serious Richie’s condition is. They keep making excuses for him and don’t see them when he feels really bad. And they refuse to call hospice, who are wonderful with dealing with the end-of-life details and counseling for the whole family. I guess everyone has to deal with things in their own way. Sigh.

    For how long are you traveling? Itinerary? So glad your shoulder is better. Mine also responded well to exercise and PT. Always good to avoid surgery when possible!! How’s your knee holding up? Will you have more stem cell therapy?

  4. We will be gone for three weeks. We will see some repeats like Vancouver and Lake Louise as well as some new stuff in BC and back in the states in MT and ID. John and I are easily amused by just quirky things we find along the way.

    Shoulder is not so good. The cortisone wore off in a month but my knee is still pretty good. I am not going to be running any marathons but it gets me from point A to point B.

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