North Vancouver. 8/30/19

Friday was a vacation from our vacation day. First we needed to get from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island over to the Canadian mainland. The ferry was a good way to occupy our time on a misty morning.

Arriving at Horseshoe Bay, BC on a misty morning

Since we had taken the 11:05 ferry, by the time we got to West Vancouver it was time for lunch. Our trip seems to be turning into the ethnic foods tour since we have eaten Italian, German, Indian, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern foods so far, and Friday we opted for a bowl of pho at a Vietnamese place I found on Yelp. It was so good and you could adjust the spice level with some exciting looking condiments.

Bowl of beef pho
Condiments ranged from pickled garlic to fiery hot sauce

We checked into our hotel and John did some laundry and I finished my post from our trip to Nanaimo. We were still pretty full of pho when we went downstairs to the lounge where we could watch the U.S. Open on a big screen. We had a long conversation with a slightly drunk lady from Houston who had just dropped her daughter off at college for the first time. This was followed by another long conversation with a couple from Seattle who were celebrating their 11th anniversary. Who are the friendliest people in the world? Americans, especially when they are in foreign territory then we glom together on our little cultural life rafts. There was also live music and the entertainer also came over to join our conversation during his break. It was a pretty lively night for us.


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