Hong Kong traveling woes. 11/15/19

Sure, it all looks good on paper—leave SFO Wednesday on Cathay Pacific at 11:45 PM, arrive in Hong Kong 15 hours later in  Hong Kong Friday morning, and enjoy a leisurely arrival day getting acquainted with our room and the ship. But, no. To make a long story shorter, our first flight was canceled about five minutes after we were supposed to start boarding. The reason was that they did not have a crew. (Certainly they must have known about this sooner.) They told us to get our luggage and come back on Thursday. Sarah came back and got us. We got home around 1:30AM on Thursday.

Later  Thursday, after telling Viking our problem, we were given a new flight which would still get us in on Friday. Unfortunately, no one ever actually ticketed the new flight. There was a giant hassle at the airport which finally led to our getting on the new flight about 15 minutes before the cutoff for checking in. The good part of the new flight was that it was on a Boeing777 which makes the flight almost 2 hours shorter.

We are finally on our way!

We arrive in Hong Kong around 8 PM. Everything goes according to plan and we are in our cabin by 10 PM. We have missed first day of our cruise but there is a gorgeous view of Hong Kong out our window to make up for it.

Hong Kong !


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