New Year’s. 1/1/21

We were, at some time in the recent past, hoping that 2021 would be free of Covid-19 but as the deaths in the U.S. mount up towards 500,000, things still are very grim. The ray of light is that two vaccines have been approved for emergency use. However, the lame duck administration of president 45 has no plan for getting them in the arms of the American people. Hopefully the Biden administration will do a much better job.

Our New Year’s celebration is mostly about food.  We have a fancy dinner on New Year’s Eve while watching When Harry Met Sally and traditional, good luck black eyed peas over rice and collard greens for New Year’s Day.

Seared scallops, mashed potatoes with braised leeks an asparagus is a festive New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year’s Day black eyed peas over rice with collard greens

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