Road trip – Ely, NV to Green River, UT. 4/19/21

Today was a travel day that started off with mundane scenery and ended up with the spectacular San Rafael Swell. For most of the morning we drive through the  uninhabited parts of dry Nevada and the salt flats of Utah. At lunchtime we find ourselves in Salina, UT where in 2009 we had stopped on one of our cross-country trips at Mom’s Cafe.

The side of Mom’s Cafe in June, 2009
John out in front of Mom’s Cafe, April, 2021
Mom’s menu and story

Last time we ate there I got their homemade chicken soup which included a chicken-made bone. Today I order a chicken sandwich sans bones. The weirdest thing is that no one there is masked. Not the patrons or the servers. It is a little scary.

Then we are back on the road heading towards the San Rafael Swell. I really wanted to see the amazing geologic feature again as we had gone through it quite quickly last time. Today we stop at the overlooks and read the explanations. It is so grand!

The San Rafael Swell is a section of the earth’s crust that has been eroded and exposed by the upward tilt of the land so that you can easily see millions of years of the earth’s history. In fact in one section you drive right through it. The pictures cannot totally catch the colors and depth of the formations.

Our first stop is at Salt Wash.

Overlook at Salt Wash
Mary in the wind at Salt Wash
A nice woman from Iowa took our picture

Our next stop is at Devil’s Canyon.

It is hard to relate the scale of these formations which are huge and the great depth of the canyon in a picture.

As we are approaching the gap in the San Rafael Reef I take a few pictures out the front window of the car.

Our last stop is at the Spotted Wolf Overlook.

View down to I-70 going through the San Rafael Reef
John at the overlook

Finally a view from the car as we descend.


Soon thereafter we arrive in Green River, UT. It looks like there are only two places open for dinner and the commentary on the reviews say how crowded they are and how you have to wait a long time to get a table. The pictures show communal type tables. I am not ready for this with a bunch of unmasked strangers. So we decide to shop for something to eat at their one small grocery store and make dinner in the room. It is no worse than the dinners we have had in Carson City or Ely.

Our purchases for dinner (we didn’t eat all of it!)

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