Windy and rainy days at sea. 9/30, 10/1/21

Our stop in Crete has been cancelled as the winds are blowing between 35 and 50 mph and the boat cannot dock safely. We had really been looking forward to learning more about the Minoan civilization and visiting the palace at Knossos. From the pictures of the archeological site it looked amazing. We will have to put the visit to the palace on our to-do list for the future.

We do make a stop in the afternoon on the other side of Crete where the wind is less fierce but there is really nothing to do there except shop. We opt to use the extra time recuperating. Actually that is mostly me with my aching hips, back, and knee from all the walking and stair climbing of the last few days.

So the only pictures I took where ones of food. On 9/30 we ate at the Chef’s Table and on 10/1 at The Restaurant.  The dinner at Chef’s Table is called Lotus  and it is our least favorite of the ones we have had so far.

Goan potato chop – semolina crusted potato, vegetable and cheese cake with a sambal spinach sauce – Meh
Chili soft shell crab – the sauce had so much ketchup in it that you could not taste the crab. John gives it ???
Our palate definitely needed cleansing after the crab dish. This is a granita of lychee and guava, cranberry juice, and lychee liquor
Thai spiced rack of lamb with stir fried purple eggplant, sweet chili, and baby corn
Yuzu cheesecake

Then we had a day at sea on 10/1 where we did very little. The internet was in and out, we watched a little of the Viking stuff on TV. We had to pack up all our stuff and move it to our new digs at the front of the ship. We like this suite much better. It is roomier and has a nice protected deck. If it stops raining and the pool on our deck dries up, we hope to have some outdoor time.  Other than that ate lunch. And dinner.

Kale roll, chickpea purée, pumpkin salad, and very large bread stick

We ate at The Restaurant after negroni time. The ravioli were good. The swordfish less so.

Ravioli stuffed with beef, ricotta, and parsley
Swordfish over a bean thing



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