Alex’s 13th birthday party. 3/9/19

Alex is officially a teenager yesterday and we are celebrating his birthday today! The party is mainly held in a truck that has big video screens for the kids to play various games on. We really do not see any of the party-goers until it is time to cut the cake.

Kids on the party truck

Auntie Leigh has outdone herself this year with a totally edible dragon cake. She even has dry ice set up so it looks like the dragon is breathing smoke. Everyone is wowed by it.

Dragon cake
Cake, Alex, Auntie Leigh

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Sam’s 10th Birthday. 1/11/19

Wow, can it be!? Sam is double digits today! Here is what happened at his birthday party-

We have just arrived and while Sam is busy playing with his friends…
Sarah is busy photobombing Jon in the kitchen.
Sam is enjoying treats…
And Sarah has concocted a drink in the kitchen while Rose and John H. look on.
Leigh and her Dad
John H. And Sarah toast the birthday boy.
Alex and her friend Noah stay out of the way of the younger kids.
Here is the Rainbow Pusheen birthday cake that Auntie Leigh has made for Sam!
A hug from Sam for Auntie Leigh
Leigh and Sam with the cake
Happy family and cake
Sam and Zayde
Sam blows out the candles
Time to cut the cake
Cake cutting inspection
Wow! It’s rainbow inside!
Sam and his special cake
Beeba, Jon, and Sarah at the party
Time to open presents
And more presents
At the end of the party Sam and everyone else is pretty worn out

Happy 10th birthday to Sam!!