Santorini. 9/28/21

We have been to Santorini before on a Regent cruise ages ago. We had a very thorough tour at that time so, other than beautiful views, we felt we had seen a lot of what Santorini offers.

Arriving in Santorini. Santorini is a ring of 5 islands created from an enormous volcanic eruption in 1600 BC

Our ship is parked next to a much larger one. We have tenders to take us ashore. There are only a few docking areas as the cliffs rise up from the sea and the only ways up are a scary serpentine road which is almost too narrow for the bus, a gondola, or a donkey. We take the bus ride up and the gondola on the way back down.

Our ship looks tiny next to a much bigger cruise ship

Our tour  includes visits to two typical towns and a sampling of local foods and wine.

Grape vines are sculpted into a low growing basket shape to protect the plants from the wind
Pistachios are another crop that is grown
A church in a village
Bells to alert the people if pirates are coming or for other more modern emergencies
John’s answer to “Are you awake?”
A typical ice cream shop in a typical village
A typical taverna…


Time out for a picture
Donkeys that carry groceries or whatever up the steep slopes
Yay! We get to sit down during “free time” and take a selfie

Our next stop is at a restaurant where we get a taste of traditional food and wine that they serve in traditional villages.

Tasty dolma, cheese, pink potato-y stuff, chickpea purée, tzatziki, olives, bread, and a fried tomato thing
Local wine

We finish our tour with about a 20 minute walk all steeply uphill to catch the gondola down to the tender to take us back to the ship. I really don’t know how the older and really out of shape people managed it. John and I were exhausted by the time we got back to the ship and so sweaty.

Since our cabin was tidy when we got back John suggested I take some pictures of it before I took a shower and collapsed on the bed.

Living room with dining table and door out to deck
Desk area where we stay organized
Bedroom which also has slider out to the deck
Closet with vanity

We looked at some pictures from earlier cruises and this suite which looks basically the same is slightly smaller. The Viking Venus is new this year and I wonder if they tried to squeeze in a few more cabins.

Around 7pm we head down to the lounge for our Negroni Sbagliato cocktails, watch the sunset, and listen to the guitarist before heading over to dinner. We are at Chef’s Table tonight for the Xiang menu.