A day of errors. 4/8/1996

I sleep well but Sarah only sleeps a little. We have a plan to do a driving and stopping tour. We stop at a roadside resthof for breakfast. We each have 2 pieces of baguette and a breakfast drink. Ordering food is stressful. But we do have fun trying to figure out what the food is.

Our first stop is at Kirchheim to see the half-timbered town hall. We think we see it but are not sure maybe it is some other half-timbered building. Our second stop is the Hauff Museum for dinosaurs- although we see a sign for it,  we miss it completely. Third stop is the Reussenstein Castle. We see the ruins from the road but when we stop and park we proceed to walk one half mile in the wrong direction. We return to the car and leave. We are batting .000 at this point.

Here are the sightseeing spots we missed (from the internet)

Kirchheim city hall
Hauff Museum

And here is a picture that I took of Reussenstein Castle. It is a long way away.

Reussenstein Castle, Neidlingham, Germany

John is annoyed with my navigating skills but the maps are very hard to follow. (Before GPS) We try a fourth stop, the Uracher Vasserfall. We actually see this in a 3 mile hike. It is a high waterfall. Many Germans are there as it is a holiday here, Easter Monday.

Mary and Sarah stop for a breather on the way to Uracher Wasserfall

We give up on the rest of the drive due to rain and our inability to find the sights we are looking for. We head back to the hotel and take a nap.

Dinner tonight is at Waldemar and Maryam Hartmann’s. We see the children and the Hartmann’s friends, Elvira and Alois. We sit down around 8:30 PM and stay there until we say we have to leave some time after midnight. What about retiring to comfy chairs?!!! We have watercress soup, smoked trout, lasagna with turkey or ham with spinach, ice cream with hot berries, and monks head cheese served with this neat circular cutter from Switzerland that shaves the cheese off in flowerets.  It is a good time although Sarah is somewhat bored. We get back to the hotel around 1 AM, stiff and exhausted.

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