Touring Stuttgart with Sarah. 4/9/96

I sleep pretty well but Sarah is still having trouble. John leaves for HP around 7:45 AM. Sarah and I get up around 9 AM. We go to the airport (Flughafen) and get information to get to Stuttgart. Information man says his English is not good but it is way better than our non-existent German. There is no place we want to stop for breakfast so we take the train to Hauptbahnhof, the main station in Stuttgart.

Our first stop is at the information place and want to buy a map. I buy a tour book by mistake for 7.50 DM. At least it is a nice book. We find a McDonald’s. We order chicken McNuggets (Mad cow disease) and I try to order by number in German. The say, oh, you want chicken McNuggets but seem pleased that I tried. Sarah hears Americans talking. This perks her up. We are happy to eat something familiar.

Next we walk to the Staatsgalerie. We are charged 5 DM each even though we think it says it is free. We are not sure about this. Sarah and I have a great time looking at pictures and trying to figure out what they are called. Many Picasso pieces but also Monet, Gauguin, Rembrandt and a lot of modern stuff.

Next we take the train to Ludwigsburg. Then we have to take a bus to the palace there. We ask for information and buy two cokes at the Burger King. We get on the correct bus (yay!) but the question is where do we get off. When you are on a bus you are supposed to recognize where you are going to. Plus there are so many people on the bus that it is hard to see out the windows and of course it is impossible to ask anyone. Sarah says that she sees a bunch of pennants so we take a chance and get off. It is the correct stop!

The gardens here are beautiful although it is still pretty early in the Spring. There are crocus, primula, hyacinth, pansies, and daffodils. Also beautiful birds. We walk and walk. We are too tired to do the additional palace tour. We decide to save it for another time.

Ludwigsburg Palace

We catch the bus and trains back to the Flughafen and arrive about 5:30 PM. We both take a small nap after having chips and soda that we buy at a gas station across the street. Later Sarah and I have dinner at the hotel. We order fettuccine and salmon again. It is safe.  John returns from his long work day at 10:45 PM.

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