Reims, France and Brussels, Belgium. 4/11/96

We decide not to eat at the Metz Mercure and leave to go To Reims. We stop at a roadside place and have croissants and a hot drink. It is pretty good for highway food.The countryside is rolling and treeless. I imagine it was once forested but all has been sacrificed for agriculture.

We arrive at Reims and visit the cathedral. There are beautiful windows but the cathedral is wider and less soaring than the one in Metz. There are beautiful rose windows—2 on the front facade. The outside stonework is eaten away by acid rain. It is amazing how much devastation has been wreaked. There are 3 Chagall windows behind the altar and other modern ones mixed with the older ones.

Sarah inside a cathedral (not sure which one)

We have lunch at McDonald’s. It is very crowded with people and dogs, too. Then we are off to Brussels. I, of course, miss the turn we want and we take the highway the whole way. It is probably for the best as it is now raining off and on.

We have a hard time finding the Hotel Metropole. It is a grand old hostel in a Times Square-like location. Anita’s choice is not too bad although far from John’s work. The room is very large. We eat at a nearby Pizza Hut. John seems a little better but now is coughing. He keeps saying he is fine.

Hotel Metropole (while looking for a picture I discovered that the hotel has recently closed and will probably not reopen 5/22/20)

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