Brussels. 4/12/96

John goes to work. Sarah and I have breakfast in the hotel. The room itself is beautiful with a very ornate ceiling. Sarah discovers that the eggs are soft boiled which is quite a surprise when you crack them like you expect them to be hard boiled.

It is very cold and windy. We go to Grand Place. We cannot find the Mannequin Piss. A museum that we want to visit appears closed. We walk around the square and buy a Godiva Chocolate bar and a magnet. We look in the shops and go to the Saint Michel cathedral.

We were never able to find this 400 year old statue/fountain

It is lunch time and we decide on an Italian place in one of the little alleyways with food displays. It is not French food but at least we are not eating at McDonald’s.

Rue des Bouchers – Amazing Street of the Butchers in Brussels

After lunch we walk back to the hotel and put on warmer clothes. Then we walk to the art museum which seems like a long way uphill. There are many Flemish religious paintings and also quite a few Reubens. We are pretty tired out and decide to go back to the hotel through the Grand Place. I buy a purse, a key chain for Sarah and also a miniature oboe.

Fine Arts Museum of elgium

John comes back and we go down to the bar while Sarah showers. When we come back at 7:15 she is asleep. We decide skip supper and sleep. We all sleep for nearly 12 hours!

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